Lake Granbury Academy is located in Granbury, Texas, southwest of Ft Worth, Texas. As a public charter school, Lake Granbury Academy serves a maximum of 96 students who are in grades 6 through 12. Students receive rigorous instruction aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, TEKS, in small, highly structured classroom environments. Students are provided with appropriate English Second Language supports, accommodations, and legally required provision of their Section 504, or Individualized Education Plan, if applicable. Lake Granbury Academy strives to employee highly qualified and certified professional educators to bridge gaps in learning, and facilitate educational growth in order to help each child reach his or her maximum potential. Lake Granbury Academy is proud to boast a beautifully designed gymnasium for students to use to compete in basketball and volleyball competitions. In addition, students have been given the opportunity to participate in a weight lifting and physical fitness program. Students at Lake Granbury Academy are pursuing a high school diploma on the Foundations Plan mandated by Texas Education Agency; each student has a Personal Graduation Plan, tailored specifically to his or her educational and career goals. Inclusive in the Personal Graduation Plan, each student has a chosen Endorsement, which is a specific set of courses taken in a career pathway of their choosing. Lake Granbury Academy also offers career certification courses such as Food Handler’s courses and certifications, Petro Ed courses and certifications, and CPR and First Aid certification.

School board members:

Chris Hosek - Board President, Barry McBride- Board Treasurer, John Parson Board Member